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Monday, January 16, 2012

What to do in the winter

For those of you living in an area of the world where sunny warm days are the norm for most of the year getting children outside is not a great hardship.
But for those who like me live where in the winter we have at least 3' of snow and minus 20F it takes a bit more ingenuity to get them enthused about leaving the warm house.
Heck it takes a lot to convince  us to get out of the house and we have definite things to do out there. Like grocery shopping.
First you have to convince them that you would really like a snowman standing in the yard.
Then get the snowsuits and touques on find the mittens and boots.
Remember to make sure they have all gone to the bathroom before you get all the outside gear on.

When you get outside start on the snowman but also have other things to do.
Our front yard has about 12' of flat area and then a slope that goes down to the road of about 70' so it makes a good area to go sliding. There is  a row of trees and a large bank left by snow plows so little chance of them sliding out onto the road.

My grandson one year said but we don't have a sled. Not a major problem.
I had him sit down in the snow and gave him a push. Nylon snowsuits are very slippery and make great sleds in a pinch.

So now you have been out for about 20 minutes and you are exhausted and cold but they want to stay out longer.
So 15 minutes later you start with the treats inside. Would you like some hot chocolate, no response so you up the anti. We can have peanut butter cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows in it.
Aren't you cold yet?  Grandma is kind of cold so can we go in and come out later?
After another 10 minutes and being told by the children you love dearly that only old people get cold, you say times up we are going in. After all you are in charge here. Right?

Now this little foray into the cold has taken about 2 hours, you are tired cold and think you will never get warm and you still have to get out the cookies and hot chocolate.
At times like this just remember they are going home in a few days make it bearable.

You can sit and remember the visit while you watch the snow storm outside your window while you sit in your easy chair with the cat curled up on your lap.
Missing them as much as you do most of the time can be put off for a few days while you enjoy the memories and attempt to get warm again.

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